Monday, November 11, 2013

Most interesting attractions to visit in London

London currently offers many alternatives that are attractive for tourists have the opportunity to enjoy a holiday really appetizing. In this sense we should not miss visiting some museums that are interesting , such as the Natural History Museum and the Science Museum , which are two of the great museums in London really worth it.

Visit also highly recommended for everyone is to know the Royal Palace and the famous parks of St Janes and Kensington , which is a natural area along the year offers beautiful views for tourists to enjoy all rentals . No less interesting is to enjoy a truly legendary neighborhood and known by different films . In this case it is the Notting Hill neighborhood , which is one of the popular places where many tourists often take pictures to be a neighborhood movie. Now Autumn is a time that tourists often take a few days off to get away from London.

In addition to good walks around the city is interesting to go to different pubs where you can enjoy good beer, both domestic and international , as well as enjoy different restaurants typical of England proposals for tourists to know some of the products typical of this area of Britain. There are many proposals for tourists to see more of this wonderful city so beloved .